Located At:
4093 West US 20
LaPorte, IN 46350

Phone: (219) 878-8711
Fax: (866) 311-8321
Email: info@rschool.net

Please feel free to contact us anytime via our general email inbox, info@rschool.net, or by calling the school, (219) 878-8711.  You can typically expect a response to emails within 3 school days.  Please call during school hours if your matter is urgent.



Kieran McHugh, Head of School

Vicki McHugh, Director of Students

Lori Gayheart, Administrator

Carrie Edlen, Guidance Counselor

Laura Wadsworth, Administrative Assistant

Tina Bushue, Bookkeeper


Classroom Teachers

Nick Beatty, Erasmus Class (4th-6th)

Kristina Best, Marco Polo Class (Preschool/Kindergarten)

Mario Castillo, Copernicus (1st-3rd)

Geoff Cress, Shakespeare Class (7th-8th)

Jennifer Cress-Castillo, Gutenberg Class (Kindergarten)

Kim Decker, Bellini Class (1st-3rd)

Elizabeth Bukowski, Pascal Class (7th-8th)

Ashley Pace, Galileo Class (4th-6th)

Michele Cronch, Gutenberg Class (Kindergarten)

Tito Sanchez, da Vinci Class (1st-3rd)

Becky Steinborn, da Vinci Class (1st-3rd)

Eileen Steinhiser, Medici Class (4th-6th)

Jessica Swindell, Marco Polo Class (Preschool/Kindergarten)

Vicki Thompson, Alberti Class (1st-3rd)

Andrew Williams, Ficino Class (4th-6th)

Mario Castillo, Copernicus (1st-3rd)


Special Education

Sarah Bohac


Before/After School Camp

Tim Catchings