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Ages 3-6 ~ Preschool and Kindergarten • Pre-Renaissance

Grades 1 – 3 ~ Early Elementary • Early Renaissance

Grades 4 – 6 ~ Upper Elementary • Middle Renaissance

Grades 6 – 8 ~ Middle School • Late Renaissance

Extended Hours Programs

Early RenaissanceGrades 1 – 3 ~ Early Elementary

The best word to describe Renaissance Academy’s early elementary curriculum is “understanding.” All subjects—math, science, history, biology, art, music, language, Spanish, and geography—are taught to promote an understanding of the principles and processes rather than rote memorization.

Early Renaissance offers first to third grade multi-age classrooms where students are allowed to excel. Lessons are presented to students individually, in small and large groups. All students work at levels tailored to their abilities, allowing each child to reach his or her greatest potential – with confidence and joy. Social development and deep learning occur as the children model and teach each other in rich, collaborative learning experiences. Hands-on work, literature based reading, special projects, and independent explorations highlight a curriculum through which every student flourishes.

Renaissance students build strong learning habits as they grow in academic strength. Problem-solving and reasoning skills grow naturally in an environment where personal responsibility and self-respect are paramount. Deep concentration, interest-driven exploration and the active listening and ordering of thoughts are central to the early Renaissance Montessori day. Children learn time management and to be responsible for their own learning. In addition, regular social skills lessons teach cooperation, conflict resolution, and respect and understanding of other people.

In our enriched Renaissance Montessori classes children develop good values and self-confidence as they build academic skills and conceptual understandings that lay a foundation for a lifetime of learning.

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Middle RenaissanceGrades 4 – 6 ~ Upper Elementary

To understand the Middle Renaissance classes, we need to start with the Early Renaissance described above and expand upon it in every way. Academically, physically, and emotionally, children in upper elementary—grades 4, 5, and 6—are reaching whole new levels. These children are characterized by a strong reasoning mind and an incredibly social core.

If the word that describes Renaissance’s early elementary curriculum is “understanding,” the word that describes the upper elementary curriculum is “abstraction.” As the children this age become stronger conceptual thinkers, the curriculum continues to accommodate their developmental needs. All subjects—math, science, history, art, music, language, Spanish, and geography – are taught with a foundation in concrete materials giving rise to abstract knowledge.

In Middle Renaissance grades 4-6 at Renaissance Academy, students are gently guided through the developmental leap away from young childhood and toward emerging adolescence. Our focus is on building the foundations of organization, self-confidence, cooperation, and curiosity essential to success in Middle School and beyond. Our teachers provide a growing academic challenge while remaining respectful of the ever-complicated emotional responses of children as they deepen their understanding and empathy towards the world and its people.

Social skills lessons, grace, courtesy, cooperation, and conflict resolution continue to be part of the regular curriculum. Students are aided in their efforts to define themselves and explore new areas of interest. All students engage in enrichment activities and team sports both during and after school.

The Middle Renaissance program provides a full expression of the Montessori principles of self-directed, individualized learning in a truly integrated curriculum. By the time students complete the Middle Renaissance program, they have evolved into twelve-year-olds performing advanced science experiments, communicating effectively, reading great literature and calculating the squares of binomials and trinomials.

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Late RenaissanceGrades 6 – 8 ~ Middle School / Junior High

Maria Montessori believed that students reaching this plane of development needed two things: protection during their difficult physical and emotional transitions and an understanding of the society they would soon be entering. One hundred years later, these remain the students’ greatest needs.

Our Late Renaissance Class – Montessori Middle School – is a supportive community where students know they are respected; where they can struggle, work hard, be responsible, challenge themselves, and discover the best of themselves. The curriculum starts with the basics—high level courses in English, Spanish, science, algebra, geometry, and humanities—and enhances them with life skills: cooperative learning, independent study, community service, day and week-long trips. The curriculum is integrated and students use hands-on materials and explorative tools alongside more traditional text books, tests, and grades. It’s Montessori stepped up—with the step linked to the students’ developmental needs and the teachers’ profound responsibility to prepare them for the next level.

The learning environment encourages the students to be leaders and take responsibility for the community and for their own education. Students are expected to think deeply and critically, to be intellectually independent, and to value the viewpoints of others. We encourage questions and honest, open discussions that connect students to the world of ideas.

The program includes an outdoor component rooted in Montessori’s vision for meaningful interaction with the land that includes the development of an environmental ethic of respect and reverence for the natural world.

All students enhance their physical and cooperative skills thorugh participation in after school team activities and sports.

The Late Renaissance program is characterized by a rigorous and challenging academic program that supports the student’s inquisitive nature and inspires the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for scholarship in high school and beyond.

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Pre-Renaissance Ages3-6 ~ Preschool and Kindergarten
8:15 – 11:15am or 8:15 – 2:45pm 3 Days or 5 Days

The Pre-Renaissance 3 – 6 Year Old Class is the foundation of the Renaissance Montessori program. The three-year age span nurtures the development of personality and social behavior as well as intellect for children in these important early formative years. Classes are large with two teachers working together so children are able to work with a variety of students as well as individually, learning to get along with others and share in a community. The indirect learning that occurs is invaluable. Younger children have models for more mature behavior and activity, kindergarten students have a special place as they develop their potential for leadership and social responsibility as well as mastering skills through demonstration.

This is a world specially prepared for children. Children move about and choose from a full array of Montessori learning materials on easily accessible shelves. Beginning with practical and social skills, children learn to keep track of their belongings, to put things away, to communicate and interact positively with one another. They work on floor mats or at small tables. Children are encouraged to explore, discover, and grow in areas of language, practical life, sensorial, mathematics, geography, social studies, science, and more. One child might paint, as another places beads into groups of ten to perform a multiplication function, and a third child prepares a snack, while a teacher works with a small group forming words using sandpaper letters. Teachers carefully track each child’s progress and provide a sequence of tasks sufficiently challenging and interesting to engage the child and help develop mastery.

A key principle which underlies and guides activities in Renaissance Montessori classrooms is respect. Adults respect each child as an individual, a unique learner with specific strengths. Children learn respect for each other and for the learning materials through the lessons of grace and courtesy and from positive role models. Part of every day is devoted to individual work, and part of the day is set aside for children to enjoy social activities such as singing, storytelling and outdoor play. Children also begin learning a foreign language. Listening and speaking skills are emphasized as the children are introduced to Spanish conversation, songs and culture. Art, music, and physical education, are integrated into the full day primary curriculum.

Renaissance Academy Kindergarten is the culmination of the Montessori pre-elementary experience. It offers the beginning transition to elementary school while allowing children freedom to explore and expand their intense natural need for knowledge. Our kindergarten students attend the 3 – 6 year old multi-age Montessori Class where one teacher is especially focused on catering to the five and six year old kindergarten students during this highly sensitive learning period.

Academics are introduced through concrete, manipulative materials which utilize all five senses and lay the ground work for abstract thinking. All subjects are taught in an integrated curriculum that encourages students to work to levels far beyond the expectations for their age level. Renaissance Kindergarten students graduate with the academic skills and social competencies that lay a foundation for success in elementary school and beyond.

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Extended Hours Programs

Renaissance Academy offers extended hours programs from 7:00am to 5:30pm on regular school days. Families may sign children up for one day on occasion or regularly for three or five days. These programs are fee-based and reservations are required.

Breakfast Time 7:00 – 8:30am          5 Day – $800 per year      3 Day- $500 per year     Daily – $6
Lunch Time 11:15am – 12:00pm       5 Day – $445 per year      3 Day- $275 per year     Daily – $3
After School Camp 2:50 – 5:30pm     5 Day – $900 per year      3 Day- $600 per year     Daily – $7

Enrichment classes, academic clubs, and sports programs are also offered after school hours.

Breakfast Time 7:00 – 8:45am
Students are invited to bring their breakfast, eat, relax, and play at school before the regular school day begins.
Pre-Renaissance Lunch Time 11:15am – 11:45pm (for half-day students)
Available for three to six year olds who want to extend the three hour school day. Students enjoy their sack lunches and learn courtesy and good manners as they dine together family style. Children socialize and play indoors and outdoors (weather permitting) during this relaxing period.

After School Camp 2:45 – 5:30pm
An enjoyable day camp atmosphere is offered every day. Children play, socialize, join in art and music activities, or just take it easy in this pleasant after school program. Students are also eligible for discount rates in other special classes offered at Renaissance Academy and our staff will ensure that they arrive on time to participate.

After School Enrichment Classes
Renaissance Academy makes many enrichment classes available after regular school hours. These programs may include art, music, drama, dance, martial arts, chess, and foreign language in group classes and individual lessons. We will regularly inform all registered students of times and costs for these programs.

After School Sports and Teams
Renaissance Academy elementary students are required to join in a minimum of three seasons of after school Team Activities including at least two sports. The sports programs are designed to provide our students with a positive athletic experience with emphasis on team play, fundamentals, and good sportsmanship; and to stress the importance of both physical and academic development as part of a quality education. Choices may include Soccer, Cross Country Running, Basketball, Golf, Track, Chess Club, and Science Olympiad. Practices and competitions are generally held off campus and parents must drive children or arrange car pools.

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Notice of Non-Discriminatory Policy
Renaissance Academy admits students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.
Renaissance Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school administered programs.