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Required Summer Homework List

The ‘three R’s’ are the way to keep skills current and great minds growing; Throw in some sun, fresh air, swimming, sports, games, tree climbing, and play, and you have the recipe for a perfect summer.

Writing – Enclosed find a Summer Journal for students’ writing. It includes approximately one page /week. Newer writers should try for a couple sentences on each page and phonetic spelling is fine. They can draw pictures to add, or use them instead if they are not quite writing yet. Older students should write more with good penmanship and complete sentences and paragraphs, junior high students should fill the pages. Writing should be neat and clear with students entering fourth grade or above using cursive. We want students to write freely but still use correct capitalization and punctuation to the best of their ability.

Arithmetic Each student has been given two packets of math assignments to complete; it is review work based on the student’s math group level. Packet #1 is due by the Summer School date, and Packet #2 due on the first day of school.

Reading It’s great for children to make a habit of daily reading, for many it’s a delightful part of the bedtime routine. As we begin a year of studying of Middle Ages – Renaissance – Modern World History, all students are reading books related to the Middle Ages. 

Life as a Viking
The Shakespeare Stealer
Apple and Arrow
The Knight at Dawn

Grades 1-3:  entering 1st graders read at least one, 2nd graders read two, and 3rd graders read all three

*The Sword in the Stone (level 2) (Hello Reader) by Grace Maccarone, level 1.6, 32pp

*Knight at Dawn (Magic Tree House*) by Mary Pope Osborne, level 2.5, 65pp

Minstrel in the Tower by Gloria-Skurzynski, level 3.4 64pp

* For children who want to read more, the Magic Tree House series is a great easy reader choice

1st – 3rd Graders must complete one of the following exercises for each of the stories:

Knight at Dawn – complete questions.

For other books, Choose. –

A traditional book report telling about the story

A diorama or illustration of a scene from the book with a description

Any other creative activity related to the book

One of these is due at Summer School Day

4th and 5th graders read all three    (* Due 7/18/17)
Knight at Dawn (Magic Tree House*) by Mary Pope Osborne, level 2.5, 65pp

*Life as a Viking by Lassieur, Allison, level 5. 112pp   (Read all paths)

The Apple and the Arrow by Mary and Conrad Buff, level 4.8, 76pp

Grade 6-8: entering 6th, -8th graders read all three.

*Marked books due Summer Day 7/18/17 *

*The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood, level 5.2, 216pp

Life as a Viking by Lassieur, Allison, level 5., 112pp  (Read all paths)

The Apple and the Arrow by Mary and Conrad Buff, level 4.8, 76pp

 4th – 8th Graders must complete and turn in the written assignments given for each book. One is due at summer school day July 18, turn in to teachers there or send/bring to school by that date.

*Books to be read by 07/18 will be reviewed and discussed at our Summer School Day in July.

NOTE: The books can be ordered through your local bookstore, online, or borrowed from the library. Please ensure your child’s readiness for our class in July, and for the regular school year, by following through on summer homework and supplying them with these wonderful books as quickly as possible!