Renaissance Academy provides a Montessori preschool-through-eighth grade school with top quality academics, high expectations of students, and a wide array of enrichment activities.

Our Focus

Academic Excellence

High expectations, honors level classes, hands-on learning, nightly reading homework.

Character & Leadership

Multi-age classes, social-emotional learning, personal responsibility, peace education.

Hard Work & Independence

Self-directed learning, real life experiences, goal setting, achievement-focused.

Students are required to work, to focus, to learn, practice, repeat, and achieve.

Hands-on activities, projects, lectures, textbooks, novels, field trips, guest speakers, stories, discussions, and group interaction are used to find the best way to reach each student in each area of study. Students learn about learning and about themselves. They experience joy in learning, gain confidence, and find ways to reach for the best.

Renaissance Academy has a strong core curriculum that exceeds Indiana Standards at every grade level. Subjects include English and Foreign Language, Mathematics, Reading/Literature, Composition, Science, History, Geography, Outdoor Education, Art, Music, and varied enrichment classes.

Dedicated teachers cultivate a child’s wisdom and character while instilling a lifelong love of learning.

Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire. 
W. B. Yeats

Upcoming Events

Letter from the Head of School

Thank you for your interest in Renaissance Academy Preschool and Renaissance Academy Charter School. It is always a pleasure to have families interested in the option of providing their children with a top quality education at Renaissance Academy. This is a gift for your children that will truly last a lifetime…a strong academic foundation, a love of learning, and the scholastic skills needed to meet many of the challenges tomorrow will bring.

As a parent, you were your children’s first teacher, guiding, supporting and celebrating them at every stage. You were there for those first smiles, first steps, first words and first life experiences. Now you’re carefully planning their full elementary education. Many people let the education of their children be determined by convenience and conformity. We commend you for your effort to look beyond that and find the best path. We recognize your commitment to providing your child with only the very best. At Renaissance Academy, we’ve made the same commitment.

Renaissance Academy offers a unique learning environment that supports the development of children socially, emotionally, and intellectually. The enriched elementary program offers the explorative materials of Montessori in combination with more traditional educational tools. We know that our approach works—happy students and superior test scores are our proof.

In this site, you can find additional program information. Please explore it to find details of the Renaissance Academy philosophy and approach. Your next step is to come visit the school at a public meeting or call to schedule a tour of the school.

We look forward to working with you to provide your children with an education that is simply the best.

Kieran McHugh
Head of School