Our Programs

Early Renaissance

Grades 1–3 ~ Early Elementary

The best word to describe Renaissance Academy’s early elementary curriculum is “understanding.” All subjects—math, science, history, biology, art, music, language, Spanish, and geography—are taught to promote an understanding of the principles and processes rather than rote memorization.

Middle Renaissance

Grades 4–6 ~ Upper Elementary

In Middle Renaissance grades 4–6 at Renaissance Academy, students are gently guided through the developmental leap away from young childhood and toward emerging adolescence.

Late Renaissance

Grades 6–8 ~ Middle School / Junior High

Our Late Renaissance Class—Montessori Middle School—is a supportive community where students know they are respected; where they can struggle, work hard, be responsible, challenge themselves, and discover the best of themselves.


Ages 3–6 ~ Preschool and Kindergarten
8:15–11:15am or 8:15–2:45pm 3 Days or 5 Days

The Pre-Renaissance 3–6 Year Old Class is the foundation of the Renaissance Montessori program. The three-year age span nurtures the development of personality and social behavior as well as intellect for children in these important early formative years.

Extended Hours

7:00am–5:30pm Weekdays

Renaissance Academy offers extended hours programs from 7:00am to 5:30pm on regular school days. Families may sign children up for one day on occasion or regularly for three or five days. These programs are fee-based and reservations are required.