Some Renaissance Academy Charter School Basics

Renaissance Academy Charter School students are required to:
  • Wear a uniform every day.

  • Wear the more formal uniform on special occasion days.

  • Complete homework nightly.

  • Read nightly.

  • Uphold a high standard of good conduct.

  • Participate fully and productively in class each day.

  • Be respectful of the teachers, staff, other students, and the school.

  • Come to before school visits and special summer class days, and complete summer assignments.

  • Join in a minimum of three seasons of after school Team Activities (i.e. Cross Country Running, Basketball, Chess, Science Olympiad,…) including at least two sports.

Renaissance Academy Charter School parents are required to:
  • Support their children, including:

  • Make sure the uniform is correct each day.

  • Check homework completion nightly.

  • Listen to or ensure reading nightly.

  • Support the school in behavioral expectations, follow up on behavioral concerns, speak respectfully about the school and staff to the children.

  • Help your family be full and active members of the school community by coming to special events, school parties, etc. Volunteer.

  • Bring your child to before school visits and special summer class days, follow through with summer assignments

  • Make arrangements for your child to get to after school activities consistently.

Renaissance Academy Charter School teachers and staff will:
  • Check the uniform every day.

  • Assign and check homework completion daily.

  • Check students reading, give assignments to improve students reading.

  • Uphold a high standard of good conduct.

  • Participate fully and productively in class each day.

  • Be respectful of the students, parents, other teachers, staff, and the school.

  • Provide a variety of enriching after school Team Activities (i.e. Cross Country Running, Basketball, Chess, Science Olympiad,…)

  • Help build a positive community atmosphere by offering special events, school parties, etc.

Dress Code

All students are required to wear school uniforms each day, starting on the first day of school. Our students may buy uniform items from both French Toast and Lands’ End.

The Daily Uniform consists of: Renaissance Academy embroidered shirts (navy and burgundy polos/turtlenecks, and white blouses/oxfords/dress shirts) and solid color khaki, navy, or gray pants (no outside stitching), skirts, skorts, or jumpers by French Toast or Lands’ End uniforms. Renaissance Academy sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn over collared uniform shirts if desired. Any shirt worn under the uniform must still be in solid uniform colors. All students must wear shoes suitable for outdoor play every day—no open toed shoes, flip-flops, high heeled shoes, or clogs are allowed.

A Dress Uniform is required for announced special occasions. This uniform consists of: For Boys: gray dress slacks or shorts, a white or light blue dress shirt, solid navy or maroon tie, navy school blazer (grades 7-8) or navy or maroon Renaissance embroidered cardigan, long sleeve v-neck or vest for grades K-6 (K-6 may opt for blazer), gray, navy or black socks and black dress shoes. For Girls: gray skirt, white dress shirt, navy or maroon blazer, Renaissance embroidered navy or burgundy cardigan, long sleeve v-neck or vest, white, navy or gray tights or knee socks, black or gray flat or low heeled dress shoes (less than 1″ heel). Girls may wear optional navy or maroon tie or cross tie if desired.

The gym uniform consisting of Renaissance t-shirt, gym shorts, and Renaissance warm up suit may be worn the full day of the student’s gym class so they do not need to change. Gym uniforms items should not be worn on non-gym days. Team sports may require additional specialized uniforms.

Athletic uniforms must be purchased through Renaissance Academy Charter School using the appropriate order form. All other clothing items must be French Toast brand purchased online at by typing ‘renais’ under school name or typing in our source code – QS5ISGL. Socks, shoes, and navy blazers may be purchased anywhere

Please Label all clothing items.

On announced “Dress Down” or “Jeans” Days, students may wear jeans and any Renaissance shirt, including Renaissance t-shirts.

Do not allow your child to wear expensive jewelry to school, bring valuable personal objects from home, dye their hair, or wear make-up. Girls may wear one earring in each ear. No other body piercing or any sort of body art is permitted. Hair must be kept neat and off the face; radical styles, unusual colors, spikes, shaves, boys’ long hair or tails, are not allowed.

*PLEASE HELP US BY PURCHASING THE CORRECT CLOTHING AND SUPERVISE WHAT YOUR CHILD WEARS TO SCHOOL. All clothing must be in good taste and not be revealing. No low cut or hanging pants or short shorts are allowed. Help us not become the uniform police by doing your part to make sure your child is dressed appropriately for school. Children move about, sit on the floor, climb play equipment, run, and play soccer. We do not wish for children to become embarrassed if clothing does not fit properly. *

These policies will be strictly enforced. Students who arrive out of uniform will not be allowed in class. The parents will be called to bring the proper attire and/or the student will be provided with uniform clothing and the family will be charged.

We want our students to concentrate on their studies rather than personal attire. Thank you for your partnership to make sure clothing does not become an issue for your child or our staff.