Renaissance Academy Montessori Preschool is an independent private school funded purely through tuition. Preschool classes are available ½ or full day, three or five days week. Tuition and fee information is listed below; any other details can be obtained by contacting the school. Tuition increases at the rate of inflation each school year.

Time 3-Day 5-Day
Half Day
(8:15am – 11:15am)
$3525/year $4395/year
Full Day
(8:15am – 3:15pm)
$6415/year $7725/year


$30 one time


$65 before May 15


$125 per semester

3–6 Year-Old Classes

Morning 8:15–11:15 AM 3 Days or 5 Days

The 3 – 6 Year Old Class is the core of the Montessori program. The three-year age span nurtures the development of personality and social behavior as well as intellect. Children are able to work together with a variety of students as well as individually, learning to get along with others and share in the community. The indirect learning that occurs is invaluable. These classes offer the full array of Montessori materials in a carefully prepared environment. Children are encouraged to explore, discover, and grow using areas of language, practical life, sensorial, mathematics, geography, social studies, science, and more.

Full Day 3–6 Program

Preschool or Kindergarten Class from 8:15am–3:15pm (–5:30pm) 3 or 5 Days

In this Renaissance Academy program children experience the highest quality of full day school. Students enjoy the wonderful Montessori preschool or kindergarten experience described here, then they socialize and have lunch with friends, play freely in our specially equipped play room as well as outdoors (weather permitting), take a rest break, and return to finish the day in Montessori style. Art, Music, Spanish, and creative activities are incorporated as part of this full, fun, learning day. After School Camp or Breakfast Time can be included at discounted rates.


Full Day 8:15 AM–3:15 PM 5 Days

Renaissance Academy Kindergarten can be the culmination of the three-year Montessori pre-elementary experience. It offers the beginning transition to elementary school while allowing children freedom to explore and expand their intense natural need for knowledge.  Ideally, our kindergarten students will have attended the 3–6 Year Old Multi-age Montessori Class beginning at the age of 3 to take full advantage of this highly sensitive learning period.  However, Kindergarten is often a child’s first experience in the world of Montessori, and at Renaissance we have a program specifically designed to provide to these students with a strong foundation in Montessori.

Kindergarteners with prior Montessori experience join the 3-6 Class and Kindergarteners new to Montessori join the Kindergarten only class.  Regardless of which class they join, the Kindergarten year at Renaissance is part of the tuition-free charter school.