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Charter School

Renaissance Academy Kindergarten to 8th Grade is a Charter School.

A charter school is a public school that is nonsectarian and nonreligious and operates under a charter. Under Indiana Code, charter schools are established to serve the different learning styles and needs of public school students, to offer public school students appropriate and innovative choices, to afford varied opportunities for professional educators, to allow freedom and flexibility in exchange for exceptional levels of accountability, and to provide parents, students, community members, and local entities with an expanded opportunity for involvement in the public school system.

IDOE Snapshot
Please see the Indiana Department of Education website for further information about our school collected through IDOE:  Renaissance Academy Report Card

Questions and Answers

(Excerpted from the Indiana Department of Education)

If my child lives outside of the school district in which a charter school is located, can s/he still attend that charter school?2019-02-04T13:39:12-06:00

Generally, yes. A student may attend a charter school outside the district in which a student resides if a parent decides that the child would be better served educationally at the charter school.

How do I enroll my child in a charter school?2019-02-04T13:38:59-06:00

Charter schools in Indiana differ greatly in educational purpose and educational goals. Therefore, parents should look carefully each charter school’s mission and goals in order to find the school that is right for their children’s educational needs. Parents are encouraged to contact individual charter schools to request more information. The individual charter school can provide admissions information and the application process necessary for admission.

What happens if a charter school receives more applications for admission than it has capacity for?2019-02-04T13:38:48-06:00

In a case in which a charter school receives applications for admission that exceed its capacity, the charter school must institute a lottery process in which each applicant is given an equal chance of admission. However, such a charter school may limit new admissions to ensure that a student who attends the charter school during a school year may continue to attend the school in subsequent years, and that siblings of such a student may attend the charter school.

Are charter schools open to anyone who wants to attend?2019-02-04T13:38:34-06:00

Yes. Charter schools are open to any student who resides in Indiana. Enrollment may be limited to those students who were enrolled in the school, and siblings of those students.

What state laws apply to charter schools?2019-02-04T13:38:18-06:00

Indiana charter schools are required to follow several Indiana laws, including but not limited to financial audits by the state board of accounts, student health and safety laws, compulsory school attendance laws, and accountability laws.

How does a charter public school differ from a traditional public school?2019-02-04T13:35:45-06:00

Charter public schools were created to provide innovative and creative educational choices for students and their parents. As such, they are exempt from many state and school district regulations and tend to have more autonomy than a traditional public school. In Indiana, an individual charter school is considered its own school corporation. Although charter public schools are exempt from some state and district regulations, they are held to extremely high levels of accountability. In addition to meeting state accountability requirements, charter schools must also meet the requirements set out in their charter and agreed to by their sponsor.

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