Week Students Staff
1 – 6 0 0
7 0 1
8 1 0
9 1 1
10 0 0
11 0 0
12 0 0
13 0 0
14 0 0
15 0 0
16 0 0
17 0 0
18 0 0
19 0 0
20 0 0
21 0 0
22 0 0
23 1 0
24 0 0
25 1 0
26 0 0
27 0 0
28 0 0
29 0 0
30 0 0
31 1 0
32 0 0
33 0 0
34 1 0
Total 6 2

Renaissance will post the number of student and staff COVID 19 cases that were confirmed at school every Monday for the previous week. Positive cases are also reported to the Indiana State Department (ISDH).

Unless there is close contact, the risk of exposure for other people present in the building or on campus is no greater than the risk of contracting the virus in the general community. If you have a student in another class and you were not notified that they had close contact with the person who tested positive, you should still monitor them for symptoms of illness, but they do not need to stay home from school unless symptoms develop. If symptoms develop, keep them home and consult with your health care provider to determine if medical evaluation is needed.

Please keep in mind when reviewing the case data that when a positive case is reported to the school, we will be working with the local health department and a contact tracing team to identify any individuals that were in “close contact” with the individual that tested positive.  Close contact is defined as being within 6 feet of someone for 15 minutes or longer.

If it is determined that students or staff members were in close contact with a COVID 19 positive test case, we will follow the health department’s process for contact tracing and notifying families. Anyone determined to be in close contact will need to be quarantined per the guidelines of ISDH.  Anyone testing positive must follow the health department’s guidance on quarantine.

Due to privacy laws, including HIPAA and FERPA, Renaissance cannot share any other  information regarding staff or students that test positive. Should numbers of cases at Renaissance rise above acceptable levels, state and local health departments will advise the school regarding necessary interventions and or closings. In the interim, the guidance is to look at each case individually and quarantine anyone that is determined to have been within close contact.

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Board Meetings

Renaissance Academy Charter School is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. As a non-profit organization, the collective obligation of the Board is to uphold and further the mission of the school. The Board’s primary functions are to set general policies, secure the financing of the school, and plan for its future. All implementation, overseeing of day to day operations, personnel matters, and relationships with students and families are the responsibility of the Head of School and the school’s Administrative Team. The Board relies upon the Administration to hear and adjudicate any grievances according to the policies of the school. Renaissance Academy Charter School Board Meetings are open (with the understanding that non-board members may attend and observe; and the understanding that the board will close meetings in executive session when discussing confidential matters). Meetings are usually held in the  school library at 6:30pm on the 3rd Thursday every month.* Minutes and agendas of each Board meeting are available upon request through the school office for review. If you plan to attend a meeting, please confirm its time and location with the office, as they are both subject to change.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, board meetings will be held virtually until restrictions have been lifted. To join the board video meeting, click this link: https://meet.google.com/rxi-ppcw-ygr
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 912-712-2888 and enter this PIN: 948 004 176#

Renaissance has adopted the following Continuous Learning Plan for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.

Renaissance Board Members

Ann Bates – President
Jack Stewart – Vice President
Heidi Potucek  – Treasurer
Melissa Lilly – Secretary
Nancy Barnard
Pam Navarro
Dan Ottersen