Home eLearning / Snow Days

On these days, the learning that happens at school is continued at home.

The day will start with homeroom meetings at 8:45 AM followed by a meeting at 11:15 AM. The second meeting will be a homeroom Google meeting for PK-3 and a math group meeting for grades 4-8. On scheduled eLearning days, there will also be an end of the day meeting around 2:45 – 3:15 PM. 

On eLearning days, students are expected to keep up with learning. As always, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are the fundamentals and that should be the focus. We try to keep the work manageable and meaningful. 

Generally students connect to classes online – 

Students should log in to Google Classroom for the day’s lessons, and Google Meet for class meetings. (Click here for instructions if you need help with logging in to Google Classroom.)  Work will be posted in the Google classrooms and there will be homeroom Google meetings at 8:45 AM for morning meetings where students can connect and work for the day will be reviewed. There will be another meeting at 11:15 AM – this will be in the homeroom Google Classroom for kindergarten to third grade, math group classroom for 4th to 8th grade. On scheduled eLearning days there is also a closing homeroom class meeting 2:45-3:15 PM.

As stated in the instructions, every student has a Renaissance  email address: FirstName.LastName@rschool.net  (i.e. snow.white@rschool.net

 On planned eLearning days and predicted snow days you can call the school beforehand if you wish to join online and need to borrow a device. A per device deposit check is required; the check will be returned when the device is brought back to school in the same condition it was in when borrowed. 

For families without student devices, that have issues with reliable internet access, and/or who wish to limit screen time, there is also the offline option – 

Offline – Keep up with assignments and read ahead for reading group or free choice reading; continue with a math lesson a day or write their own practice problems if they don’t have a book; and write an essay (as they practice in school) on the day’s activities or their own topic.

More information on eLearning can be found here: R eLearning

Snow Day Closings

If Michigan City or LaPorte Schools are closed for bad weather, so is Renaissance Academy. Do not bring students to school; carry on a home learning day with Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic work.

Listen –  In the case of bad weather, please check radio and TV stations and listen for either Michigan City or LaPorte School closings, with Renaissance in the limits of both schools districts, we must follow both school systems weather closings.  Announcements are posted on WEFM 95.9, WSBT-AM 960, SUNNY 101.5, Oldies 94.3, WHFB 99.9, and television stations WSBT Channel 22, and WNDU Channel 16.

Text Alerts – You can sign up for text announcements of closings and delays. At www.wsbt.com click on Weather in the top bar, then Closings, and find the link to sign up. Fill in your information and scroll down to 6g to check both Michigan City Area Schools and LaPorte Community School Corp.

Note – It has happened on occasion that weather delays have turned into school closings.  This is usually announced before 8:00 AM so please stay tuned in to the news.