High Ability Program

Renaissance Academy is committed to identifying K–8th grade students for high ability (formerly known as gifted and talented) and providing them with educational opportunities to ensure they reach their highest level of academic achievement in core curricular and enrichment content. Renaissance recognizes that high ability students are found in all racial, ethnic, and economic subgroups.

High Ability Program Goals

  • Implement an unbiased identification process based upon specific criteria using reliable and valid qualitative and quantitative testing measures.

  • Create a variety of program options to provide advanced content and differentiated instruction specifically designed to help high ability students achieve maximum student growth.

  • Provide professional development for educators so they can learn to recognize the characteristics of giftedness and how to meet the unique needs of high ability students.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the high ability program based upon student achievement on an annual basis.

In general, a gifted (or high ability) student at Renaissance Academy has an ability score (commonly called an intelligence score) which is two standard deviations or more above the mean and scores at or above the 95th percentile on a standardized achievement test for math and/or language arts. Other factors, such as teacher observation scales, parent observation scales, and student performance levels are considered during the identification process. The process of identifying students is multi-faceted and takes into account multiple measures. An identification team of experienced teachers considers all factors in a student’s profile before making a determination of placement. All unidentified students in grades K-7 are reconsidered yearly in the process. Students who are identified do not need to re-qualify from year to year and are served in the high ability program unless concerns about performance or best fit arise.

We identify students as high ability in one of the following categories: General Intellectual, Math Only, or Language Arts Only. Once a student is identified in one of these three areas, we provide appropriately differentiated instruction in a variety of program options.