Our Vision

To help each child reach his or her greatest potential with confidence and joy.


Renaissance = rebirth
Renaissance Academy = a rebirth of education – A new kind of school offering top quality academics and a full array of enrichment classes to give every child enrolled a superior educational foundation, well rounded experience, and a lifelong love of learning.

This is a school where every child can feel good about themselves while learning at their highest potential. Children have opportunities to progress far beyond the average expectations but they do not feel out of place at their current level. Students are treated with respect; they are excited about learning. Every child is exposed to a wide variety of subject areas, learning methods, and enrichment courses so each can grow in his or her own best way to be the best person s/he can be.

It is thriving school community where children feel welcomed, recognized, and fully accepted as the individuals they are. They are privileged to grow up with an old fashioned sense of belonging.


Students come from a large surrounding area in pursuit of a superior school. Every Renaissance family has made a conscious choice to find the best education possible for their children and a decision to go out of their way for that education. It is a self-selected group of people who have strong values and commitment. Families are involved in the school not only through their children’s experience but also directly through volunteerism, parenting groups, special events, school activities, and parties.

Families come together and create this community centered on children, education, and a better way of life.


Enhanced teaching methods, individualized plans, hands-on activities, one-on-one instruction, projects, special activities, events and field trips are integrated into a strong classical curriculum to give each child the best education today.

Montessori preschool classes encourage deep conceptual understanding as students work toward mastery of themselves, their environment, their language, numerical concepts, social interactions, and cultural subjects. Children learn skills generally not introduced to preschoolers. They develop socially academically, emotionally, and physically as they interact with others and explore their world.

Reading, Language, Writing, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Social Studies,

Practical Life, Foreign Language, Art, Music, Athletics

At the elementary level students learn diligence, study skills, and focus as their learning reaches new heights. Every student progresses at his or her own best rate. Enrichment classes are part of the curriculum so all students are exposed to a wide variety of activities. The broad spectrum of learning and depth of conceptual understating helps students find their interests, passions, and strengths. All studies, explorations, discussions, interactions, and writings help students to gain understanding of themselves while great works of literature, in depth history, geography, science, arts, and excursions help them gain understanding of our culture, our society, and our world.

At Renaissance learning is active, lessons are individualized and students are encouraged to question. It is a school for the twenty-first century fostering independence, self-assuredness, and strength of character.


Students of Renaissance Academy grow in confidence, independence, self-direction, self-control, focus, perseverance, respect, values, knowledge, and skills throughout their school experience.. They learn how to learn – well – and carry the joy and excitement for learning that comes with them as babies all the way through.

After a complete Renaissance elementary education, each student, no matter what their ability, has visited places, experienced activities, gained skills and knowledge to be comfortable with who they are wherever they are. They don’t have to hide their intelligence, diminish their talents, or deny their weaknesses. Renaissance students become comfortable with themselves, confident in the world, well prepared to take on their next challenges. They are prepared for whatever school, whatever life, they go on to.


Renaissance Academy is in the middle of its growth process. In 1999 the school opened with around thirty students, preschool to third grade. In the last several years it has grown to include a full complement of infant and toddler programs, two preschool rooms, lower and upper elementary through a new, and very small, junior high. Now Renaissance Academy kindergarten through eighth grade has converted to a Charter School, making our top quality education a tuition free option for all Indiana students. In the next five years Renaissance will grow to approximtely 280 daily students. With additional families coming in for baby classes, lessons, and enrichment programs, over three hundred children from hundreds of families will soon be part of the Renaissance Academy community.

In five years, the school will be occupying additional buildings adding to the private preschool three lower elementary classrooms, three upper elementary, and two junior high classrooms, offices, dining areas, library, common area, art, music, enrichment rooms, three (semi-attached) playgrounds, ball fields, and, possibly, a gymnasium. We will have property with nature areas and room for additions.

Every Renaissance student K-8 will learn an instrument in addition to the regular music classes.

Renaissance will have a strong reputation as the best in the area and students will be waiting to get in. We will not limit the student body to gifted students but we will cater to those enrolled.

We will have a cross-country team with meets against other schools. Athletics will expand beyond student experiences with regular team sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball to include exposure to sports such as tennis, golf, and horseback riding.

Our relationships with other educational and enrichment organizations will continue to grow and be assets. Our standing in the larger communities will continue to grow as will our community programs.

The after school camp will continue to offer numerous program choices successfully serving our students and others.

Renaissance Academy will be fulffilling its mission – to help each child reach his or her greatest potential with cofidence and joy.